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It's real

Well Jamie and I went to the doctor on Thrusday and we heard the baby's heart beat. After hearing it, it just made me realize that we really are going to have a baby. Now I know for sure that there is something growing inside me. I knew before that I was pregnant but until I heard the heartbeat it really didn't set in.So by May 25 we really will be parents!! The only time I feel pregnant right now is when I am getting sick, and that I am tired ALL THE TIME!! I am hungry 10 minutes after I eat.  I pee at night, I wake up at least 2 times every night to pee, and I am only 11 weeks...what am I agoing to be like at 20 weeks? 
 We moved into a bigger apartment and it finally feels like home, we have unpacked and decorated...not fully but almost done and it now feels comfortable. 
I CANT WAIT for Thanksgiving, I love to eat and this year noone can tell me I am eating to much! My mom yelled at my step dad the other day beacuse after dinner I made a sandwich and he said "damn girl you are eating again" and she told him" shut up that baby needs to grow!" I have only gained a pound and a half since my last appoitment so I feel that I need to eat more..haha.
Sunday my grandma is having Thanksgiving and I can't wait to tear up those perogies...mmm mmm!!!
Well I need to check on the little one he is crying again....(the baby I nanny for)

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