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Where did the time go?

Well I can't believe that in a little over/or less than a month I will be a mom! These past 8 months have flown by! I am not ready yet...well physically I am but not mentally! We don't have everything that we need and I still need to do things!
I don't know if I said this before but my Nanny job will be ending May 16...tentativly. They are moving to North Carolina in June and I am so sad and upset! I am going to miss my little man! I have been with him since he was 3 months old , and now he is so big and doing so many cute things! The plus side is I am going to get my 1 week paid vacation, severicence(SP???) pay, and unemployment so I probably won't go back to work till August. When I do go back I am going to go back part-time, since it is so expensive to pay for 5 days of daycare. Plus the nanny agency I go through the lady I work with told me that I could make what I am making now at 3 days a week, so that would be nice. I just don't reallly want to find another job, I love this family! If I don't find a nanny job then I am going to work at my step-mom's office or my mom's work part-time. It will be nice to have a break this summer with Kendal.
We are planning a vacation down to Houston in July and I am excited! I get to see where Jamie grew up and we get to take Kendal to the beach! We are going to stay at his freind James' mom's house. Then we are going to stay 3 days at South Padre Island. It will be nice...HOT but nice!
I love this nice Spring weather, I just hope it stays! It is such a tease, one day it is 65 then 2 days later it is freeeeeezzing out! I am ready for the warm weather!
Anyone want to buy a 1998 Ford Taurus? Let me know if you do! :-)
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