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I am ready for Spring!

Yea! It is finally March! I am so ready for spring. I can't wait to hang out in the sun all day and drive with the windows open.
Well this weekend I had a baby shower for Jamie's sister. She is going to have a little girl and I am so excited to offically be an Aunt! She has a son that is 7 but Jamie and I started dating when he was 3 so, this time I really will be an Aunt! We are going to stay in Louisville the weekend she is being inducded. I am so excited, we reserved an hotel and it has jacuzzi tub in it! I wanted an indoor pool, but I settle for that bath tub!
My mom and I went and picked out the wedding flowers and I am so excited. The flowers are going to be so pretty! My bouquet is going to be whit daisies with pink lillies and the girls are going to have pink daisies and lillies. I wanted tulips but they aren't in season for August. I am getting so exctied, in 4 months 4 weeks and 1 day I will be married!!! We will have our new apartment, oh I can't wait! I finally have my dress, Riley has her flower girl dress and jamie gets fitted for his Tux on April 1, so everything is finally coming together, now we need to oder invations and the cake and we ar epratcialy done! WOW, its really going to happen....we are getting married!
Well I have to get going to work...blah! I don't want to go at all I haven't been feeling so well, but I need the money.
Congrats Valerie on little Alyssa!
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