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My little niece!

I never know how to start my entries...I usually sit and stare for a few moments and think about what I should say. Well anyways, last night my niece was born. Well actually this morning around 1:00 am. Her name is Ruby Elisabeth Loftus and she was 6lbs 10 oz, and I am not sure about her length. I can't wait to see her next week! I bet she is sooooo cute!
Jamie and I got our address for our new apartment, we move in July excited!
The wedding plans are coming together quite nicely. We ordered the ,invitations my dress is gettting altered on the 30th(well just getting a bustle actually), my Bridal shower is June25, then 3weeks after that is my bacherlotte party then 3 weeks after that is the wedding! That will be a nice 9 weeks. Jamie and his groomsmen, went and got fitted for thier tuxes, we picked the flowers and we are getting our engagement, pictures next week. We just need to pick and oder a cake, and i need to find a veil. I can't believe in 3 months, 3 weeks and 1 day I will be getting married! We bought a Disney World book that has coupons in it, and tips on the where to eat, and which parks to vist on what days. WHOOHOOO!! I am such a dork, but I can't help it I am just so excited!
I wonder how many times I said excited in this entry!?
Jamie's friend TJ is hopefully moving back up to Indy soon, he is in the Army and is getting discharged for health reasons. I hope he comes back to Indy we miss him alot and he has Best Man duties that he needs to get We told him he could move into the apartments we are moving into since he doesn't want to move back in with his mom. I would love if TJ lived near us, he is such a fun person, and a good cook...we would be over at his place all the time!
I can't wait for Easter. I love it, beacuse it means Spring is finally here. Everyone always looks so nice all dressed in their spring outfits. Jamie and I are wearing our Easter outfits in our engagement pictures. I hope my mom gets me some good candy for Easter, I am a candy freak! YUMM Chocalte bunnies...mmmmmmmm.
Well I better get going, I need to eat some lunch before I go to work.
Have nice day, and Happy Easter!
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