Nicole (luvinjamie) wrote,

MMMM Turkey!

I havent updated in awhile. The internet has been down and my mom's computer had a virus in it. 
I can't believe it is allready time for Thanksgiving! I love the holidays. Jamie is going to Southern Indiana for Thanksgiving, he is going to be at his grandparents house. Him and his cousins and Grandpa and Uncle are going to be hunting so I decdied to sit this one out and stay home. It is going to be sad not celebrating with him, we have always been together for Thanksgiving and this is going to be our first Holiday apart and it's our first Thanksgiving as a married couple!  I can't wait to decorate our apartment it is going to look so cute! 
Jamie and I are selling our washer, we are getting a new one from my parents for Christmas so if anyone needs one let me know. I am not sure how much we are selling it for yet...I am sure Jamie knows what he thinks a good price would be. So let me know if you need one!
If you want me to send you a christmas card just email me your addy and I woul dbe happy to send you one. My email is
Well I think that is pretty much it. Hopefully I will be able to update more often now.
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