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Well I haven't updated in awhile, I am so bad at this. Our life is pretty busy right now. We are looking for houses, hopefully we will be in one when our lease is up in June. I got approved for 100 thousand so we are looking under that. I am so excited and nervous to. If anyone has any advice for us that would be great! Jamie is getting a raise at the end of the month and that just makes me so happy! Hopefully I will be getting a raise since minium wage is going to be raised!
MY COLTS are doing awesome and they are going to the superbowl...ok they haven't won yet but I know they are going. As I sit here I am wearing my lucky colts hat and Peyton Manning jersey. I love them I am a true blue fan. If anyone wants to come to my superbowl party let me know. My rules are that you have to wear colts blue or colts clothing!
Our 6 month wedding anniversary is coming up on Feb 5, I can't believe we got married 6 months ago. It's so sad in a way, my wedding dress just hangs in the closet and I am now a boring wife...I am so kidding about that last part. I love being married and I am not a boring wife I'm an awesome one.
It finally snowed and I am so excited. I am going to play in the snow with my handsome husband and then come in a make hot chocalte and watch our Colts beat the crap out of the Patriots!
Well I better get going, I am going to make an effort at updating this more.
Have a good week everyone!
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