Nicole (luvinjamie) wrote,

Colts in the superbowl, 6month wedding anniversary!

Well this is going to be a good weekend for me. My beloved Colts are in the superbowl and I am so excited I start to tear up when I think about it...yes I am a nerd but I am a True Blue fan no matter what!
Then the day after my boys win (which they will, they are going to KILL the bears!) it is Jamie and I's 6 month wedding anniversary, I can't believe we got married 6 months ago. These past 6 months have gone by so fast, pretty soon it will be our 1 year and I am sad and happy at the same time. I love being married but it is sad that I will never be a bride again. I wouldn't trade being married for the world, I just finally got used to calling Jamie my husband and going by Nicole Johnson. Sometimes it seems like we just got married like a week ago and then other times it feels like we have been married forever.
We are finally caught up on all of our bills and we have money! It is so nice to not worry about money. We found a house the we really like but we aren't going to jump into anything just yet, we are still looking around but we do love the house. Our lease isn't up till July 1 so we have some time and if that house gets sold then it wasn't meant tobe. I am just not getting my hopes up yet. We love our apartment so if we don't find a house or we can't get one right now then we will renew our lease for 9 more months and then move in March.
Damn it so windy out, I hate this cold weather... I wish I was in Miami with my man Dallas Clark...mmm what a hottie...and Brandon Stokley to...I need a moment. :)
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