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Well my birthday is excatly a week away and I am getting excited! I love my birthday! We also find out what we are having on the 21...that is if the baby cooperates then we will know. i think it is a boy, but we just want to be sure! :) I can't believe Christmas is almost here, I haven't even begun my shopping. I am not a slacker, I just have had no money, none at all.We used Jamie's mom food stamp card to get us through last week.We had so many bills hit us at once that we were flat broke, but I believe things are starting to look up...but I won't get my hopes up to much.
Tommorow is my last day at the Friga household for 2 weeks. They are going to North Carolina for Christmas and I get paid for 2 weeks and then I am also babysitting and I get paid from her sweet!
Still don't look pregnant, otherwise I would post pics. I look like I am only like 8 weeks, when really I am 17 weeks. I can tell, my mom , and Jamie can tell but noone else really can. I really want to look pregnant! People don't believe me when I tell them that I am almost 4 months pregnant! My jeans are getting tight though and I have to get a new bra this weekend, none and I mean none fit! Hopefully I will stop getting sick here soon. Everyone says that is why I haven't gained much weight.
More snow this weekend! Yea I love snow, it really makes it feel like Christmas time! Hopefully when Jamie's freind James comes up after Christmas it will snow for him. He lives in Houston and has never really seen snow...he has seen flurries but nothing like it is here. I can't imagine never seeing snow. It would be sad if he didn't get his wish of building a "real snowman" as he says.
Well I hope everyone is having a great week!
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